Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Project Over... Next Stop... Paradise!

The project is over and I am back ... for a limited time only! I can get a post out this week but, unfortunately, the blog will only be back for one week! By next Wednesday, we will be cruising around the warm Caribbean on the way to Grand Cayman! Our ship is the Carnival Triumph and that is our ship in the photo above. I just can not wait and this weekend can not get here soon enough for me! Of course most of you know by now that the project I was working on was a baby quilt for Shawn and Camille. It really came down to the wire and I did not think that I would get it finished - but 1:30 am on Monday morning came and alas it was finished! Sorry that the blog suffered but Camden is way more important! And soon enough Camden and ?Sidney/?Brooke/?Aubrey will be here for all of us to love as much as we love Calleigh. Slight apologies for the next cartoon but it gave me a chuckle...

On Monday night, we had a baby shower for Shawn and Camille and there was plenty of talk about Nova Scotia and the impending project of the cottages! And according to the countdown, it is 116 days away. Of course I think it is actually a few more days than that... because I think the countdown was for August 1... but we'll go with this one for now!

The poll last week was "Do you have all your money saved up for your cottage?" 2 compadres voted on this poll. One said "No way" and the other said "Getting Close!" Hopefully, all of you non-voters out there are more along the "getting close" line. I'm going to try to start picking up extra shifts at work to help with the cost. We all do what we can to get it done!

This week the poll is "Do you want to go camping on the Cabot Trail this year?" This weekend, Shawn, Camille, Heath, and I were talking about this possibility. We were a little concerned that with all the building we will not have the time to get away... but we have an idea. What if we spend Sabbath on the Cabot Trail? We could go up early on Sabbath morning to get a camp site and then spend the day chilling, exploring, and hiking. We spend the night and get up on Sunday and drive back to the cabins. We would then at least have half of Sunday to get back to business! I am very much for this option because I still have not had the pleasure of camping up on the Cabot Trail and I really would like to. Camping is one of my favorite things to do and Nova Scotia is my favorite place - so it seems like it would be a great combination!

Here are a few more pictures of some 12' x 16' cottages... Let us drool and daydream about what could be!!

The recipe this week is for "Blueberry Pizza." It is not an actual pizza - that would be disgusting! But it is a dessert and it sounds delightful! If someone out there tries it - let me know how it goes!

Well, I'll talk to you all in a couple of weeks. I'm heading to paradise... (=