Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Gloves Are Coming Off!!

Hello one and all! There is something very special that I have to report... Look at the Countdown Clock. It is reading (at this present moment) 199 days! We are under the 200 day mark until we go back to Nova Scotia! That is truly exciting news! Time is passing by - slowly but surely! We will make it back there before we know it!

The poll last week was "Due to the decling economy, should we desize the cottage to a 12x12?" Once again there were only 3 voters involved in this poll. But it was a unanimous decision! We will not be desizing the cottages! Just to let you know, this question was from Heath... but it was just a joke! He really was not being serious - he is just a big teaser. I think that it was a good question, though, given the times - but I do not want to make our small cottages any smaller.

The poll this week is also based on current events. I know that it is surprising coming from me since I do not watch the news or read the newspaper. But at least there is something called "The Internet!" It does keep you pretty up to date. Anyway, the poll is "Do you think we will have another stimulus check coming to help us pay for our cottages?"

Thank you very much Aunt Melanie for a suggestion for this blog! I will be posting some random pictures of 12 x 16 cottages/sheds/cabins. It is great to get an idea of what the potential is and what our cottages could look like. Here are 3 photos and there will be more to come!

Heath and I have a few colors in mind for our cabin - but our top choice at this time is "Woodleaf Green" exterior semi-transparent wood stain by Behr. It is a tad lighter than sage green. Green is my favorite color and just seems to be the logical choice. Here is a picture of a cabin with almost the right color. Not quite but close enough...

So about the colors and the mind games. Another week has passed and not a soul has contacted me with their color. So forget the mind games. I will just be very clear and give you all an ultimatum. Next week there will not be a blog without 1 person giving me their top color choice. I have tried to be nice and drop hints but NO MORE! You have all brought this on yourselves. The boxing gloves are coming off!

Onto a sweeter topic...the recipe for this week. I had the priviledge of tasting this incredible creation over Christmas. Amanda, my sister-in-law made it and I got the recipe from her. I really am not one for cakes, pastries, etc.. I am more of a cookie/ice-cream girl - but this cake is to die for. Literally. It is called "Sticky Toffee Pudding" but it is actually cake with a toffee syrup that goes over the top. Just try it sometime and you will not be disappointed.

Speaking of disappointment... I better not be disappointed next week.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The People Have Spoken...

Here I am a week later... I was kind of hoping that I would be writing in 2 weeks... but, alas the people have spoken! (= And I am a blogger of the people! And by "people" I am talking about 3 of you! So it will be cemented as a weekly expose but I need help with this. I don't think the blog "Cousin Cottages" should just be about Alison's life - that kind of defeats the purpose of this site. So I'll be hoping for the information to keep pouring in! I'm sorry for the "now shut up" part of the cartoon - I obviously do not want you to shut up... it's just the only relevant cartoon I could find! (=

For those of you that did not get the subtle hint before ... IF YOU KNOW THE COLOR OF YOUR COTTAGE NOTIFY ME IMMEDIATELY!!!! I would really like to share the colors with everyone - so please call me. As you all know, I might not answer my phone but you can always leave me a message! I think I might need to resort to mind games to get information out of you all! (= OK, I have to share a little secret from my past. To get Shannon to wait on me hand and foot - when she was about 6 or 7... I would make a game out of everything. Our favorite show back in the day was "MacGyver." I liked how he could get out of anything and create weapons out of everyday items (sidenote... I married a MacGyver!!) but Shannon had a major crush on him. So I would always say, "Shannon, I am going to time you to see how long it will take you to get my book upstairs. If you don't make it in under 45 seconds, then the world will explode. We are all depending on you! Just like MacGyver, Shannon!" Oh, it's sad to think of what I did to her - but she was so excited and so into it! I think I might have to put a spin like that on the cottage info. I will have to come up with something good - as we are not kids anymore! )=

Speaking of not being kids anymore, we are all adults living on our own and responsible for our own finances. That brings me to this week's poll question. "Due to the decling economy, should we desize the cottage to a 12 x 12?" If you haven't already figured it out, this question comes from Heath! (big shocker, I know!)Here are some pictures of what Heath and I got for Christmas from my parents. I have not officially decided what our "theme" will be in our cottage - but I know that I want it very rustic/cabin-like - and with many different types of wildlife. Hence the loon rug and the mirror is perfect! See what you think...

Lastly, I will be posting a second "pumpkin recipe." I love this soup from Aunt Melanie so much and I don't know if everyone has it. It was featured at Kelly and Steve's wedding and most recently, at the Progressive Supper during Thanksgiving at the Cape. I made it this week - but I did not taste exactly like her creation. Aunt Melanie please let us know if you have a secret ingredient!

Have a great week guys! Hope to be hearing from you soon!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I'm Back Baby!!!!

Happy New Year to one and all! We are actually in 2009 - so the countdown for "Nova Scotia 2009" seems even closer now! (= I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. We definitely did! It was great to see all of my family and we had a great time together. And I took an extended "holiday" from this blog with all the hustle and bustle of Christmas and New Years. I really did not expect it to be this long... but alas, it was good to take a break! (= It was not because I got a PS3 and Rock Band as some people think! As I have hinted time and time again... the cabin info is harder and harder to come by these days. So it brings me into a segway for the poll this week. "Due to lack of news, does anyone object to this blog becoming a biweekly feature?" Please be honest but I really do need help if this will continue to be a weekly event.

The poll about 6 weeks ago was "Have you decided on the color of your cottage?" 1 poor soul has not made their decision. But 4 of you out there have figured out what color your abode will be. Now we need to share this information! Whoever has their color picked out... please reach me by email, phone, or MySpace and let me know. So we can compare color choices! (=

I'm sure that most of us received something for the cottages at Christmas! So again, I expect some pictures sent my way so that we all can see how we will adorne our cottages! Here are a couple pictures from Shawn and Camille. They got some great stuff - I love the blue, you guys!

Here is the recipe for the Pumpkin Whoopie Pies - as promised. Sorry, it is a bit lengthy. OK, well - depending on the results of the poll... I will talk to you in a week or two! (=