Monday, July 13, 2009

Just a Few Weeks Away!!!

When I signed into Blogger - the first thing it told me was that my last post was April 15 (coincidentially, Shannon's birthday)!! That was 3 months ago!! I guess my first clue was when I forgot my password to Blogger!! (= So sorry guys, but I absolutely lost all motivation for this. I know that I look forward to the blogs that Corey, Shawn, and Melanie do... so I'm sure you all look forward to this too and I let you down. But I just got tired of not having any information and having to make things up to write about. Well, that is no more!! We are in the home stretch now and there are definitely things to write about.

First of all, Heath has just about finished the supply list for everything that we will need to order for the cabins. We have figured out that there are 6 cabins that are definitely getting built this year. The lucky ones will belong to Corey and Duncan, Shawn and Camille, Devin, Kelly and Steve, Rad and Jen, and Heath and I. In what order will they be built, we will have to see!! First of all, Devin has been boasting that his cabin will be up before any of us even get up there!! Devin, Leigh, and Mia will be getting up to Nova Scotia about Wednesday (the 5th) , so if we do end up ordering the supplies from there ... we can have them delivered by Thursday, the 6th. So Devin can get a head start. Seriously, we will be all working together to get them all up. But I have to say something... last year when we were talking about what order we would put them up, we said that we would have to get the Grodacks and Braces cabins up first because they have the kids. OK, that makes sense when you think about it on one level but not really. I would say that because they have ACTUAL rooms - those of us in tents should definitely be the priority!!!! But that is just my humble opion!! (=

So the next step, after the supply list is for Heath to call Alfred Marchand. He is the supplier that Uncle Charlie talked to last year and who guarenteed to beat any price that we came up with for supplies! Unfortunately, the problem right now is that Heath is away in Oregon all week on business. And when Heath is away on business, he gets up at 6AM and goes to bed at 1AM - usually working through lunch in between. He's hoping to call him this week but I would not be surprised if it does not happen until Monday, when he's home. We'll just have to try to be patient. Definitely not my strong suit. Here's a cartoon about impatience that made me laugh out loud.

I did come into some info that is cottage-related this week. AMAZING!! Kelly and Steve and Jen and Rad are building their cottages down at the Cape in the next couple of weeks!! The plan is that they will have everything built in pieces before hand. Steve is borrowing his father's truck and trailer and will transport all the supplies up to Nova Scotia. Great plan guys - you will have your cottages up in no time!! I expect some pictures please!! So of course this information means that we are ordering supplies for 4 cabins instead of 6.

In other news, Heath has bought a total of 14 windows from the auction that we frequent. The first 12 he got for $40 each. They are brand new, matching windows that are just gorgeous. They have grates on them, they have the screens inside, and they tilt-out for cleaning. They cost between $160-190 each at Lowes and Home Depot. It was quite a deal we got!! Then yesterday, Heath went again to the auction trying to find more windows for Corey and Duncan. He got 2 more for $30 and $15 - very nice, brand-new Stanley windows. So all in all, I think we are in good shape. Here are a couple of pictures of the windows that Heath got in the first round.

Aunt Lori, if you are reading this, and I'm sure you will... I would like you to email me the meal schedule because I hear that we are doing this differently this year. I would like to post it officially on the blog. For all of you that do not know, we will be cooking in pairs. I hear this is because we have too many cooks this year! I do not think that is possible! If we have too many cooks, then just have us cook once instead of having some of us cook twice!!!! We should get in touch with our partners because I like to bring ingredients up because a lot of things are hard to find in Nova Scotia - or just plain too expensive!! Hopefully it won't be anything like the next cartoon...

OK, I need to save some things to talk about at a later time. I'm sitting here, with my puppies at my side, watching the Home Run Derby. I was just thinking, will we be having another Home Run Derby in Novi this year? Probably not, since we will be super busy with our project. But it will be so worth it!! (=


Corey said...

Al, I understand what you are saying about building others first since we already have rooms. That's fine by me and makes sense. Not sure if my parents will agree (as they will be tenting it) but so be it. Anywho, if Aunt Lori is reading this comment, I'm also curious to know - - will the men be relieved of washing dishes this year because of all the building they will be doing? I think we should have the women do it. More work for us but it beats pounding nails (I think!).

Lori said...

So happy to read the blog! I will try to have the cooking schedule out in a couple of days! The idea to pair up was for those who are only going to be there for one week and those who have new responsibilities. Just to make life easier. Sorry--us old ladies will take on the responsibility alone except for Sherrie who only will be there a week who will be pairing with Yully who doesn't have to participate but we are glad she is! Those staying two weeks should be prepared for a second perhaps Alison and Corey could team up the second week. Also because we are teaming up, it has been suggested that a dessert be provided as well! And don't forget you are responsible for the paper goods for that meal. I do agree with Corey, that men should be relieved of all kitchen duties this year. It might be a good idea if the person who cooks also be responsible for clean up. What do you think?
More later.

Alison said...

The thing is... besides you, Corey, who have 2 children to tend to... I know that a lot of the women are expecting to be working on the cottages. Remember last year when we talked about having teams? A builder on one team, one of the uncles, and a woman? We are going to have to have people answer honestly if they are going to be working or not. If you are not going to be working, then I think cleaning up is a good option. However, for the women that will be building, cooking, and then cleaning - when the men are just going to build... I don't think that is right. What do you all think?

Kelly said...

I am not sure how I feel about the men getting off without cleaning up. I do know that my husband will be working his butt off, but I do not think that all of the men will be working that hard. I think we should leave the men on the schedule, and if the women want to take the place of their men, they should. I don't know how much help I'll be, but I know that I plan on helping Steve some, if possible. And Jen is definitely going to be helping build her cabin. They haven't even dug their holes yet, so they have a lot of catching up to do. I do not think it would be too fair to have the women cook, clean up, and help build. I think this could end up being quite a hot topic.

By the way, Al, so glad to have the blog back! I can't wait for the next 3 weeks to go by and for us to get up there!!!

camille said...

I would rather pound nails than wash dishes! =)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a busy fun filled time. Wish we could be there to "watch you all work".