Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Foreman is Down!!

Most of you know this, but Heath had Appendicitis and had an Lap Appendectomy on Monday night. He is doing well - thank goodness! So I am busy nursing him back to health and then doing my regular job of nursing - so this blog will be on a hiatus for a couple of weeks. First because of Heath and then because of Thanksgiving. I'm sure all of you will understand. I had taken a cute picture of him in his hospital gown on my phone - but it will not let me download it to our computer right now.
This is not really Heath's CT Scan... (= I had found some great shots of a "real-life" appendix but I felt it could gross out the non-medical people! So I held back!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

You're Not Sorry...

Another week has passed... and we are that much closer to going to Nova Scotia. Sometimes it feels like the time is flying by and sometimes it feels like it is crawling ever so slowly. I'm hoping for more days of the flying... (= What is going on in good ol' New England these days? In 6 days, the American League MVP will be announced and I'm hoping that Dustin Pedroia gets the award that I feel he so richly deserves. I can't help it - he absolutely is my favorite player. He plays with such might - I love watching him swing the bat. He just gives it his all- all the time. For short people everywhere - he is truly an inspiration! Let's just hope K-Rod doesn't steal the MVP away from our 'lil Dusty. Something else that is going on soon is a little holiday called... Thanksgiving! Can't wait for us to be together again (minus a few key people...)! Heath wants you all to come prepared to talk about the cottages! I'm sure we would be anyway... but he might have some extra things to discuss!

Last week's poll was "Shutters or no shutters?" There was a whopping 2 votes on that poll. It was a dead-lock tie between "undecided" and "shutters." I am so shocked that our family who are outspoken regarding our right to vote are not exercising their duty to vote now! I mean, just because it was a national election last week - does not take away from your voting privilege in our weekly polls! But I do not want to hear any excuses. My feelings would best be described by the lyrics to the song "You're Not Sorry" by one of my favorites singers, Taylor Swift. (What is written in quotes is from me)

All this time I was wasting (writing this blog)
Hoping you would come around (and vote)
I've been giving out chances every time
And all you do is let me down
And it's taking me this long
but I figured you out (you don't care anymore)
And you're thinking we'll be fine again
But not this time around

You don't have to call anymore (not that this happens)
I won't pick up the phone (this is what usually happens)
This is the last straw
Don't wanna hurt anymore (because no one votes)
And you can tell me that you're sorry
But I don't believe you
Like I did before
You're not sorry, no no (don't even try)

OK - so I'm exaggerating. I don't actually believe this. But it is just a plug I have to do for my girl, Taylor. She is just a teenager and her talent is incredible. I was brought up to appreciate music - but especially song-writing. Because anyone can sing a song - but to actually write the sings that you sing is rare in the music industry. And if you don't know this about Taylor Swift or guessed yet- she writes all of her songs. Anyways, this is not the point. VOTE, VOTE!!

The poll this week is "Have you decided on the color of your cottage?" I'm not sure Heath and I are 100% positive - but I'm sure there are people out there that know exactly what they want. We are leaning towards Behr's "Woodland Green" semi-transparent stain. It is like a sage green! I can't wait to see it on my cottage siding! I would show you a swatch of the color, but the Behr Exterior section is having technical difficulties at the moment.

Here are the pictures, as promised, of Steve and Kelly's windows. And remember - THEY WERE FREE! We are all just going to have to drool over the pics and wish that we could be so lucky to get free windows. Nice job guys! And thank you for the photos - I know everyone wanted to see your great find. What do all of you think? Do you think Steven and Kelly would miss a couple of them? (= Well, until next week... talk to you soon!

P.S. The recipe this week is from Top Chef Chicago - in honor of the Top Chef Premiere tonight.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Schmelection...

Hello again! It is the day after the election in a brand new America. After a historic night, it is hard to put into words what this means for the US. Despite my "no voting" policy, Heath and I actually voted yesterday. It was Heath's first time voting ever - and it was only my second time. New Hampshire was supposed to be a possible "swing state" for McCain - so we tried to do our part for the Republican party. So much for that! Unfortunately, our 2 measley votes did not do squat to prevent Obama's victory. Even though I am definitely not an Obama supporter, I could not help being emotional and touched by the moment when he took the stage with his family for his speech. Knowing that after all this time and prejudices that have taken place - an African-American is now in the highest position of power. I think everyone can apprecite this moment in history. So despite what our poll was a few weeks back about who we wanted for President - next summer when we go back to Novi - our Commander-in-Chief will be Barack Obama. I know at least of 1 person in our "group" that is over the moon about it! (=

The poll last week was "Do you want a regular door or a rustic door?" The rustics won out with 3 votes and the regular door got 1 vote. Because of her comment last week, I'm curious if the regular door voter was Shannon! It seems that she is concerned that wild animals (mostly bears) could break down the wooden door! I guess the rest of us are undaunted... so it looks like Steve and Heath could be busy making doors after all the building is done! Looking forward to that!

The poll this week is pretty straight-forward. Shutters or no shutters? A pair of regular shutters range from $20-40 at Home Depot. Just so you know what kind of money we are talking about! It is something that we might be able to find at yard sales or on Craig's List. Obviously, there would not be a space problem with the cottage design with one window on the front. But with the two windows... it might be a little tight! If you like the look of the shutters - you might have to go with the one window in the front design. Food for thought...

With shutters...

Or without shutters????

Speaking of Craig's List, I am sure that everyone has been waiting all week for the update on the Conrad's windows! So I misunderstood Kelly with the first bit of information on the windows. Steve got the 10 windows for free!!!! How exciting is that? It is so exciting that the blog will be covering this story for a 3rd week in a row - because the pictures were not available this week. We will just have to keep waiting for those pics!

"Good things come to those who wait"