Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Fair is a Comin'

Hello again! This week is very exciting for me and I have been waiting for it to come for the past year! This is because a big group of us will be together this weekend for a good ol' fashioned country fair! The Fryeburg Fair is spectacular in all aspects - but you can always find nice knick-knacks for your home for a bargain. So everyone keep your eyes open for things we can get for our cottages! Can't wait for all of us to get together! I'm sure there will be plenty of talk about the cottages and Nova Scotia in general!

The poll last week was "What type of flooring are you thinking of?" The choices were hardwood flooring, tile, carpet, or plywood. Again, 2 weeks running - there was a huge total of 3 votes! But the only difference this week - is that there was a 3 way tie between hardwood floors, tile, and carpet. No clear favorite - so our cottages will be unique and have different feels! I have been complaining a tad about the participation but I have to admit that I forgot to vote this week! It was probably a good thing because I have no idea how I would have answered!

Continuing with the theme of interior decorating, the new poll this week is "What do you want for window treatments?" I realize that this is quite a "girly" question but you guys are just going to have to deal with it! The choices are curtains, blinds, shades, or unknown. Because of my own ambivalence with last week's question, I felt I had to add the "unknown." Here are some pics for visuals!

Here are some pictures of the dresser and end table that Heath and I plan to bring up to the cottage next year. We bought them when we first got married at the Christmas Tree Shop! They have lasted longer than we originally thought! When we bought our new bedroom set 2 years ago - I painted them to go in our guest room upstairs. Hopefully, we will be redecorating that room soon and should not miss the pieces.

Some news from the Cape: During some incredible yard-saling recently, a great buy was secured. Toni found them and Mimi purchased them. We were in need of curtains in the eating room in the main cabin. Well, the need is no longer a need! Here are the 9 curtains and they were bought for only $10! Some of them need hemming because they are too long - and that is a project that I will finish by next summer. There might be a few curtains left over that may be available for the cottages. First come, first serve!!!!!

As promised, here are the floor plans from the Edwards and Devin. Devin's is quite unique but ours actually was never really finished - but this is what we have so far!

Notice the crib in the Edwards cottage! We are thinking positively!

Do you see the sink in Dev's cottage? That is a whole other discussion!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Is the Excitement Over??

Time for the weekly update! Every week that comes I think, "What can I possibly write about this time?" But things do come up and seem to fill the blog! But, please don't forget to email me or call me with any information that you have about the cottages!

Last week's poll was "Do you want your door to be in the middle or on the side?" The middle won out with a clean sweep of a whopping 3 votes. What is happening to our participation? Is no one reading the blog anymore? Come on - is what we had feared coming true? Is the excitement truly wearing off? Say it ain't so!!!!


This week's poll is "What type of floors are you thinking of?" The choices are hardwood flooring, tile, carpet, or plywood (which is what the cottages will be made out of). It will be interesting to see what people's preferences are! Obviously, I'm assuming Kelly and Steve will use the piece of carpet they purchased at a yard sale!

Speaking of interior decorating, here are a few floorplans that we played around with. This is to scale - so we could actually fit these things in our 12' x 16' cottages! Posted this week are the choices from the Braces, the Conrads, and the Grodacks. Stay tuned next week for the Edwards and Devin's!!

This is Shawn and Camille's choice. The smaller-looking bed is a set of bunk beds. They are thinking ahead! The tan "box" is a dresser. And they have a refrigerator doubling as an end table! Great way to be efficient on space!

This is Steve and Kelly's adaptation. As you can see - they went buck wild with a table and chairs! And they have 2 dressers, including a larger one with a mirror!

This is Corey, Duncan, and Calleigh's home! Just so you know, the blue "box" is a crib for Calleigh! Notice their placement of the bed to maximize the room space!

The weekend that I have been waiting for has arrived! The North Country Auction! There is a fabulous auction in Ossipee/Tamworth area that occurs every few months. We have gotten some wonderful things there over the years for great deals. Unfortunately, it seems every time they have it - I manage to be working! )= There almost always are windows/doors/tools at every auction. The very sad thing is that Heath will most likely not be attending either, because he has been trying to backpack Mount Washington with his father for the past month. It has been raining nearly every weekend but I believe they are really going to go this weekend. So if anyone wants to go to the auction - just let me know and I can give you directions. I know most of the Southern New England folk are coming up next weekend, so two weekends in a row might be too much - but I would just like to give out the info anyway. The website is www.northcountry-auctions.com - here is a list of what will be at the auction and photos of some of the items being sold! Maybe we can get a group of us to go together next auction!

Heavy Equipment * Boats * Auto’s * Snowmobiles * Motorcycles * (3) Forklifts * Trailers * (4) 40' 10" I-Beams * Lawn & Garden * Automotive/Woodworking tools * Golf Cart * Power Sweeper * Shelving * Antique Farm Tools/Equip. * Sleighs/Buggies * Building Materials * $30,000+- New/Store returns to include: Lawn furniture, Fountains, Patio furniture, Lighting, AC units, Tools, House wares, Etc. * Misc. Furniture/House wares * Crafts * Office Furniture * Display Racks * Wood Stoves * Much more coming in at press time!

Wouldn't a trunk look great in our cottages?

We could use one of these for the lake!

Wouldn't these look great on our front porches?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cottage Finds and More...

Hello again all! Another week has passed and we are 1 week closer to going back to Nova Scotia! Just some general information about this blog. The recipes/polls that are posted are part of a specialty format that has to be changed weekly - there is not a way to save them. So if you see a recipe that you want - better grab it fast! I know that Corey made the salsa this past Saturday night with good results! And I am making Aunt Lori's Warm Chicken Salad this week! But if you do miss a recipe - just call or email me and I will help you out!

On to last week's poll. The question was "What should we name the cottages after?" Just for clarification, this is not an official vote. This is just feeling out what people's opinions are. Just because "Lakes" won with 4 votes and "Games" had 2 votes - does not mean that it is final. Someone could come up with an even better idea that we all love. Speaking of which, Jonathan made a comment on last week's blog with a great idea. Since we all love to travel, we could name the cottages after world cities/places and we could even decorate the interiors to go with the place. I love themes for decorating, so I think this is a great one to consider!



Or world cities?

This week's poll is "Do you want your door to be in the middle or on the side?" We had voted in the business meeting in Nova Scotia that either one was acceptable. So this poll is just for fun to see what everyone's preference is! Here are the pictures to show the different looks!

As promised, Duncan, here are the sizes for the windows and doors!
Windows = 30" x 36" (+ or - 4") This is if you have 2 smaller windows on the front
Windows = 34" x 46" (+ or - 4") This is for the bigger window on the front
Doors = 32" x 80" (this is a standard door size)
Below are 2 photos of the type of windows that could work.

On Heath's parents' shed

Window in Arichat

Here are some pictures from Camille and Shawn of a couple of things that they have purchased for their cottages!

And here are some pictures from Kelly and Steve! Keep up the great work, guys!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Confessions of an Obsessed Shed Fan

Another week has passed and time for some updates! One important bit of information comes from Uncle Charlie. He had an enlightening conversation with the owner of the Saw Mill in town before he left for the States. The news is that the Saw Mill will match or beat any price that is out there for lumber. He would be able to deliver everything needed the week we arrive - so the supplies would be immediately available. This is great news, especially for those who do not have access to a truck to bring to Nova Scotia. The next step is for Heath to email the owner with a supply list - and get quotes from there. We'll let you know when more info comes up!

I'm trying to stop typing with double exclamation points - which I have always done with my expressive personality... but Heath says it is very distracting, so I will do my best to contain myself!!!!!

This past Labor Day weekend, a group of us were able to go to Steve's parents' cabin in Grafton, NH. A great time was had by all and there were many discussions about the cottages. The fervor has not died down yet!

I can honestly say that the exterior of the cottages are not the only thing on our minds! Last week, Devin purchased Darlington Oak laminate wood flooring from Lowe's. It is was on sale for $0.98 a square foot and then he found it at our Lowe's in Tilton for $.068 a square foot! What a bargain! Here is a picture to commemorate the purchase!

I was supposed to give the measurements for the windows/doors - but alas, I can't find Heath's notes and he is in bed. Forgive my shortcomings, Duncan -but I will definitely post them next week!

Speaking of shortcomings, only 3 people voted on the poll last week! )= But I finally found a countdown clock that works on this site - it's not the most extravagant but it does the trick! I am counting down to the winner of the poll - Saturday August 8. Not a majority, but there you have it.

In closing, I have to admit that I am absolutely obsessed with sheds that are 12' x 16'! Whenever I am driving anywhere, I am constantly looking for them. I have seen plenty of the real thing - but I am still not satisfied and I keep searching them out! Here are some pictures of my sightings!!!!!

Our shed in Sanbornton (10' x 16')

Heath's parents' shed (12' x 12')

Shed at West Lebanon's SDA church/school (12' x 16')

Cottage across the lake from Conrad's cabin (I swear it's a 12' x 16')

Shed outside a local barn (again I'm obsessed that it's a 12' x 16')