Wednesday, March 25, 2009

On a Deadline...

I did not write last week - I am sure some of you noticed. The Copsey family was putting together a cruise for 4/19-26 - very last minute and there was a hundred details to put together. For days at a time, I was going to sleep, going to work, to come home and go right on the computer for price-shopping/bargain-hunting. I am happy to report that we are booked for the Carnival Triumph to Cozumel, Grand Cayman, and Jamaica. "We" - includes all the original Copseys, Heath, Leigh, and Mia. There was so much sweat and tears that went into the plans - I could not get a blog out.

Now for my next excuse, I can not get into it right now but I am on a major deadline on a project. I'm not at liberty to talk about it yet - but I'm not sure if I will get it done... so every waking minute has to be spent on it.

I promise I will write soon!

P.S. Maggiano's lived up to the hype and more!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Short and Sweet...

Hello all! I have to admit that I do not have much this week to talk about. Big shocker - I did not get any news from any of you! But there is one thing that I have been looking forward to this week! And that is the Quarterly on Sunday. We will have a great time at the Imax and Maggiano's. I think I am probably the only one in the group that has never been to Maggiano's. We'll see if it lives up to all the hype! But most of all it will be great to see everyone.

The poll last week was "Do you know what meal you will be cooking in Nova Scotia?" There were 2 voters on this poll. One said "yes" and one said "no." Because I said last week that I had figured out my meal - I guess you can figure out who voted "yes!"

The poll this week is "Do you have all your money saved up for your cottage?" This is something that Heath and I have been talking about this week. We are not good at doing an exact budget - we just don't spend money on anything most of the time. But Heath's favorite phrase is "The money needs to come from somewhere." Oh, the fun "discussions" we have over money!

Here are some more pictures of 12 x 16 cottages or sheds...

In the spirit of last week, I want to continue the blueberry recipes. This week is "Blueberry Cream Smoothie." I have not tried it but found it online. It just reminds me of Nova Scotia! I know a lot of our family members are into smoothies - so I thought this one sounded good! Not exactly healthy - but I'm sure it tastes great!

And that is all I got guys! Short and sweet - but better than nothing, right? Till next week...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Drama, Drama ...

OK... so despite the lack of information from any of you - I am back. I can't stay away forever! I've actually missed writing the blog and I think that is what has led me back. Back into your waiting arms - I hope! (=

Drama, Drama... the cartoon is the best that I could find! It may be shocking but I think that it is a fake gun that he is holding to his head - because he is in drama school after all! This week has had some drama in regards to the date of going to Nova Scotia. There has been emails, phone calls, and Facebook entries that centers around this issue. This is because now we know (for sure) that the teacher-pastor conference is a go. And that retreat is August 2-5. So that puts Uncle Bill, Aunt Sherrie, Uncle Kevin, Shawn, and Jen unable to go until at least Thursday 8/6/09. You might have noticed that I did not put Camille in the mix - since she will be officially retired at that time! (= With Shannon in Chelsea's wedding that is on August 2 - we had originally planned to go up to Nova Scotia right after Chelsea's wedding. However, with the retreat - it does not make sense to go up there to build the cottages with so few people in the beginning. We need to maximize the time we are up there with as many of us as possible - to be as efficient as we can with our building. Let alone, just wanting to be together as much as possible. Well, all of this posed a problem because of stupid nursing. Being a nurse equals needing to ask for your vacation time at least 6 months in advance. I had asked for the first 2 weeks of August off - and Shannon did as well. I thought that I could change my request - but that would force Shannon to do the same - and she would then have to buy 2 different plane tickets. Needless to say, it was not a great situation. But the positive is... that we both changed our requests and mine has already been approved. So the 2nd and 3rd weeks of August it is!!!!! It can not get here soon enough! Soon the calendar will look like this...

A U G U S T 2 0 0 9


The last entry's poll was "Do you think we will have another stimulus check coming to help us pay for our cottages?" I forgot to vote again! Shame on me! There was 1 vote for yes and 1 vote for no. I'm not always current with my politics (as you all know) - so I'm pretty sure the jury is still out on this one. We shall see...

This week's poll is directed toward the ladies... "Look at all the lovely ladies..." (inside joke for us Copseys and Corey & Duncan) Anyway, the question is "Do you know what meal you will be cooking in Nova Scotia?" I could not think of a cottage-related question and it is 12:30 AM - so that might have something to do with it! I usually make a last minute decision for my meal - but I tried a recipe of my mother-in-law's last week and I think it will be perfect. But I can't say what it is yet! I mean, this is such an important, top-secret thing! (=

Here are a few more pictures of 12 x 16 cabins... Enjoy!

The recipe this week is from my new recipe program "Big Oven." Adam gave it to me for Christmas and it is awesome! This recipe is Fresh Blueberry and Lemon Parfait and it is one that I have not tried yet. It would be something perfect to eat in Novi - with all the great blueberries up there! If any of you end up trying it - just let me know how it turns out!

Everyone have a good week - Spring is coming and soon all the snow will melt away! Or for you Floridians... it will be 100 degrees soon! (=